Audit and Assurance

Our quality Audit Service are based on a smart approach that incorporates the latest thinking, experience, and process / technology knowledge into practical solutions, setting us apart.

Audit and Assurance

Our quality Audit Services are based on a smart approach that incorporates the latest thinking, experience, and process / technology knowledge into practical solutions, setting us apart.


Audit Services

Delivering high quality and solid audit services begins with an audit approach that allows us to turn the latest thinking, experience, and knowledge of processes and technologies into intelligent and practical solutions. And that always sets us apart. We are duly  licensed by ICAG and been approved by Securities and Exchange Commission to operate as auditor in the securities industry.

Financial Statements Audit
We provide high quality audit services to clients and we are licensed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ghana (ICAG), with A category.​
Audited financial statements give assurance and comfort to stakeholders to make diverse decisions and therefore we go the extra mile to uphold that confidence repose in us as independent auditors.

We offer clients insights that drive systems and structures that ensures business sustainability.
We have a worth of experience in the following industries: Financial, Construction, Mining, telecommunication, Consumer and Industrial product and services and Non for Profit Organizations.
Review of Financial Statements
With financial statements review, we perform those procedures necessary to provide a reasonable basis for obtaining assurance that no material changes are needed to bring the financial statements into compliance with the applicable financial reporting framework.

In this process, we help you identify problems before they turns into risk for your business operation. We are ready to offer you an advice, help you understand the essence and provide you with the key proposals for the next step. This service is performed in accordance with International Standards on Review Engagements (ISREs).
Expenditure Verification/Audit of Project Financial Statements
Expenditure verification engagement relates to the audit of financial statements of projects with the goal of reporting to the provider of funds (donor or funder) if the beneficiaries used the funds received in accordance with the terms of the project agreement.

By this procedure we thoroughly audit the documents and transactions underlying the financial statements and compare them with the terms agreement.
Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement
This service relates to the performance of procedures of an audit nature to which the auditor, the entity, and any appropriate third party have agreed general framework of the work and to report on factual findings. These engagements may entail the auditor performing certain procedures concerning individual items of financial data such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchases from related parties, and sales and profits of a segment of an entity, or even a complete set of financial statements.

Based on the above mentioned procedures, the auditor prepares a report based on which the client makes their own conclusions. This is performed in conformity with International Standards on Related Services (ISRS).